I’ve been interested in novel design spaces since being a Computer Science student, but am currently interested in making games which impact my players in a positive way. I did a write-up on this (Moral Game Design) and recently this has been manifesting itself in my interest in Narrative Design.

Some favorite games along these lines include: 80 Days, Life is Strange, and Telltale’s Walking Dead. (But I will have always a soft spot in my heart for Final Fantasy VII and Mario Kart 64.)

Press Coverage

  • PC Gamer – November 2017 (Reflections at Sunset)
  • Critical Distance – April 2017 (Moral Game Design)
  • PC Gamer – February 2017 (The Chat)
  • Rock, Paper, Shotgun – February 2017 (The Chat)
  • Games for Change¬†– July 2016 (Reflections at Sunset)
  • Weird F***in’ Games – July 2016 (Clyde’s World)


  • Woke and Broke (Panel) – January 2017 – Moderator (Babycastles)
  • Magfest – Staff (Babycastles Indie Arcade)
  • Play NYC 2017 – Exhibitor (Reflections at Sunset)
  • Crafting Intangibles 2017 – Speaker (Humanistic Game Design)
  • Different Games Toronto 2017 – Exhibitor (Reflections at Sunset)
  • GDC Unparty 2017 – Lead Organizer
  • Playcrafting Expo (Summer 2016, Fall 2016, Spring 2017) – Exhibitor (Reflections at Sunset, Clyde’s World)


  • Stony Brook Game Programming Competition Finalist 2011 (Press When Red)
  • Stony Brook Game Programming Competition 3rd Place 2010 (Tempus)