GDC Unparty

What is it?

GDC Unparty is a quiet networking event at the Game Developers Conference where with no loud music, drinking is optional, and conversation is king (or queen).


In 2018, it was held at Sketchpad Gallery and had 250 attendees. We introduced a shush mechanic. It also featured a pizza sponsorship by Shell in the Pit Audio and a Zine Library (and Digital Librarian) from Babycastles. Its venue costs were covered by donations from guests.

The day after Mahli-Ann Butt interviewed me the event was briefly mentioned in Unwinnable’s piece on drinking culture:¬†



In 2017, the Palace Hotel lobby was rented, so through a series of escalating events, I rented the game lounge at Hotel Zeppelin (shuffleboard and skeeball!). It was funded through donations by guests and organizers (especially Sam!).

Facebook Event:

2016 (The Beginning)

It started in 2016 from people commiserating on the GDC Mobile App about having a low key event without loud music or drinking. I started a hashtag, made a Facebook event, suggested a few cafes, but overall it was crowd sourced spontaneously. We stayed in the lobby at the Palace Hotel.

Facebook Event: