Catchphrase – A sitcom style comedy game


Catchphrase is a dialog-driven comedy game made as a research project for Fall 2012 at Stony Brook University.

In Catchphrase, you play as an actor on a sitcom who is missing his lines.
You act out various scenes with your fellow actors until it comes time to choose the right line (your Catchphrase)!

The audience then reacts to the Catchphrase judging it based on how well it matches the scene.
If they don’t like it, your ratings take a big hit and fan viewership goes down.
However, choose the right one and your show will be a big hit in no time!

Also, during the game you runĀ into a fan during a chance encounter, which can also help your viewership.

Now you’re on your way to super stardom, just don’t forget to say your…


Sound good? Download link below!


  • Choose the right Catchphrases for each situation!
  • Wacky sitcom style scenes!
  • Special encounters with a fan!
  • Retro style graphics and music (They’re from Earthbound, not gonna lie)

Install instructions

  1. Download the zip file
  2. Unzip all contents to a separate folder
  3. Run setup.exe.
  4. Follow prompts to install Catchphrase.
  5. Run as a program from Start Menu
  6. ENJOY!
  7. (If you really wanna…) To Uninstall, remove in Add/Remove Programs.

(NOTE: Game is supported in Windows only! We appreciate your loyalty to the Catchphrase Company and apologize for not supporting Mac, Linux, PS4, or Atari Jaguar. We look forward to entertaining you in future games. Thank you for your continued loyalty!)

Download and play the game here!

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