NYU Game Center Collaborations

Collaborations in Fall 2019 to Spring 2020 Semester


Glass Walls is a 3D, 3rd-person puzzle game featuring a unique perspective switching mechanic, a surrealist visual style, an original soundtrack, and an intergenerational story about mothers and daughters.

When: NYU Game Center’s Studio 2 – Spring 2020 semester (during COVID!)

Development Time: 1 semester (concept to final product)

Team Size: 4 (Krishan Rajaratnam, Mengqi Gao, Charles H. Huang, Will Rhodes)

Role: Narrative Designer


The Light Technicians’ Dream

A light wandering and dreamy tribute to trusty teams of technicians working back stage.

When: Fall 2019, Studio 1

Development Time: 1 month

Team Size: 2 (Alina Constantin & Charles H. Huang)

Role: Programmer


Xtreme Tournament ’98 2000

Team Size: 3 (Jonathan Raven Otsacek, Charles H. Huang, Merry Hospelhorn)

Role: Audio design, movement programming, AI programming (scrapped), misc. visuals (video cube)