Reflections at Sunset

What people are saying…

“a peaceful place in which to gaze into a mirror… a helpful therapy tool for people who have a few minutes to spare, to look inwards…” – Tom David Sykes, PC Gamer

“[The developer] felt the strength of the game was in the writing, and he was absolutely bang on… it was undeniably one of the strongest [games at Play NYC] in terms of writing and the ability to both provoke thought and resonate with me on a personal level.” – Robert N. Adams, TechRaptor

“We need to see more games like this- games which explore the breadth of what games can be.” – Brett Taylor, Creator of Linelight, My Dog Zorro

“[Reflections at Sunset] encouraged me to write a letter. I wrote to myself about forgiveness despite being betrayed, and finding trust again.” – Tanya Kan, Vivid Foundry

“By the time I’d finished the experience, the game had me writing a letter to a person I hadn’t spoken to in years regarding a relationship I’d never gotten closure to, the result being a sense of peace…” – David Matlock, Weather Gage Workshop

“[Reflections at Sunset] was like a therapy session because it helped me be vulnerable and honest with myself… I could remove all the distractions from my day and reminisce on the good times I had with my grandma. Thank you for this beautiful game, Charles!” – Nia, friend


Your thoughts wander at sunset, taking you to different conclusions like waves to different shores…

As such there are multiple conclusions you may reach with yourself.

Will you experience joy? Sorrow? Love? Loss?

Remember, your thoughts are yours alone to share.

Reflections at Sunset is a text-based game where you view the sights and sounds of the sunset and allow your thoughts to wander towards your personal life.

Started at Global Game Jam 2016, it was inspired by my experiences with meditation and the process of how innocuous thoughts could lead to more personal ones, and through iterative development formed techniques which made players open up their personal lives to a game.

Inspirations (including but not limited to)
Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind by Shunryu Suzuki
Quiet: The Power of Introverts by Susan Cain
Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom

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