The Chat

What people are saying

“…puts you in a position where you can’t explain a contradiction of modern-day democracy with any satisfaction”

– Brendan Caldwell, Rock Paper Shotgun

“…attempt to provide a definitive answer to a question that doesn’t really have one…a novel way of exploring a complex issue.”

Tom David Sykes, PC Gamer

What it’s about

The Chat is a text-based dialog game made in Twine by me and my friend Sam LaFleur (the Clyde’s World team) for Global Game Jam 2017.

We wanted to respond to the events of the weekend (i.e. punching nazis) without doing something reductionistic. After lots of talking and false starts (including a game about hermit crabs… don’t ask), we settled on this exploration of violence (“is it okay to punch a Nazi?”).

I’ve since released several updates to the game to address various issues with the choices and to update the UI and imagery.

We also made a cute little song (featuring Sam’s sweet ukelele skills) to go along with this game which you can download below (“Feed your ego.mp3”).

Play the game and see more details at: