I was experimenting with some procedurally-generated poetry for since around Spring 2014 and I got the suggestion over and over that I should make them into a twitterbot, so I created @proceduralpoems to showcase this.

Afterwards, I thought that I was having a good time making these and I realized I could make other kinds of twitterbots. So I decided to keep a place to keep them all together.

Made with Google Apps Script

Here’s the twitterbots I’ve made so far:


@proceduralpoems (released ~February 2015)

Procedural poetry for every day


@awkwardmomntbot (released ~February 2015)

Awkward Moments every half hour

I realized if I could make poems that could be interpreted artistically, perhaps I could make statements that could be interpreted humorously. Using what I learned about bots, I thought about how to do that and this resulted.


@artquotebot – Some work in February 2015, updated in May 2015

A random quote with a work of art using the same category (Using’s FavQs quote API and Artsy’s art API)

An experiment with trying to find profundity when matching images and text. Works of art and quotes often carry a lot of weight and interpretation. This fact, along with wanting to use REST APIs, inspired this bot.

(Note: After a while, the TheySaidSo API was charging money for too many API calls, so I switched over to FavQs.)

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